Home Health Strategic Management (HHSM) delivers progressive consulting and clinical services across the healthcare landscape. With a history of rehab care delivery throughout the care continuum during the PPS era, HHSM approaches care development from the patient and Medicare perspective. By embracing and installing the PPS model, HHSM elicits unseen levels of clinical and fiscal results for Post-Acute Providers preparing for the reform era and the episodic care management of the future.

Working with Home Health Providers across the country, HHSM installs progressive protocols derived from CMS care management models from across the care continuum. Our Home Health UR care protocol, S.U.R.C.H.Service Utilization Review for Care in the Home, is based on the Minimal Data Set, the CMS-derived UR program for SNF nursing and therapy volumes. S.U.R.C.H. allows for agency-approved care plan production before the Start of Care clinician completes the OASIS visit. This approach returns clinical control of the homecare programming back into the Provider’s office, where the ultimate responsibility for clinical and fiscal results is located. Recent S.U.R.C.H. clients report elevated Case-Mix results greater than 20% from employment of this progressive clinical protocol, effectively eliminating the effects of the 2014 Rebasing efforts. In addition, S.U.R.C.H. positively affects clinical outcomes due to the focus on acuity-based care management, while creating the evidence-based care programs of the future. Virtually, all S.U.R.C.H. engagements have posted fiscal returns in excess of the cost of the actual S.U.R.C.H. installation; this progressive protocol actually pays for itself. Contact HHSM for more information on S.U.R.C.H., and how you can change your outcomes today while preparing for the ACA reforms of tomorrow.

HHSM serves as Post-Acute Consultants for various Pioneer ACOs located across the country; chosen by CMS to refine the ACO model, Pioneer ACOs are establishing the care protocols of the future in their care programs today. HHSM collaborated on the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement application for the Detroit Medical Center, a Pioneer system, who was awarded a CMS Model 2 Bundling Pilot program to develop the episodic care of the future. The CMS Pilot Program was born; Joint Utilization Management Program – J.U.M.P.  Currently managing the Post-Acute Utilization for this DMC Pilot - MS DRG 469/470 – Lower Extremity Joint Replacements – HHSM derives episodic-based shared savings by managing IRF/SNF/HH utilization, costs, and acuity-based episodic patient movement.

                Contact HHSM for information on the S.U.R.C.H. protocol to rewire your Home Health agency for new levels of clinical results, fiscal returns, and preparation for the episodic care of tomorrow. Inquire about the Bundling acuity-based clinical programming that will modify your care programs, length of stay, and volume trends of the early PPS era. Seek information regarding the care programming, ACO effects, and rewired care programs of the new healthcare landscape. Don’t be left behind as progressive Providers seek the inroads to the efficiencies and outcomes of the care programs of the future. 



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