HHSM provides Health Care consulting and coaching services focused on quality care and outcomes in a PPS environment. Arnie Cisneros P.T., President of HHSM, has delivered Home Health rehab services throughout a lengthy career serving Medicare clients. He writes and presents on contemporary practices and clinical delivery in homecare, and is the most progressive voice in Home Health today.

            Refinements of the Health Care benefit present previously unseen challenges to providers who hope to continue their care missions with their clients. Funding cuts, therapy reforms, the emergence of Program Safeguard Contractors, co-payment proposals, and futuristic care models are topics no agency can ignore. Qualified and efficient clinical care, designed to survive audit scrutiny and care requirements, and able to achieve outcomes in a rapid and permanent manner, is the order of the day.

           HHSM products are developed to help Medicare Home Health Providers re-wire care programs and management techniques to survive current and future reforms. Based on protocols developed in hospital and SNF sites in response to identical program advancements, these care practices produce and deliver efficient, CMS-qualified care to the homecare patient.

           S.U.R.C.H.Service Utilization Review for Care in the Home is a UR program for Health Care that allows for agency-approved care plan production before the Start of Care clinician completes the visit. Currently employed by Home Health providers of all types in multiple states, S.U.R.C.H. delivers improved clinical and fiscal outcomes through PPS-efficient care.

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 Home Care Association of Washington

Spring Conference

April 23rd, 2014


Association for Home & Hospice Care of North Carolina

42nd Annual Conference

April 28th, 2014


Guardian Health Services

2014 Annual Meeting

April 30th, 2014


Missouri Alliance for Home Care

2014 Annual Conference

May 1, 2014



2014 Annual Conference

May 13, 2014



25th Anniversary Annaul Conference

July 23, 2014


2013 TAHC Executive Leadership Forum
Austin, TX - 5/7/2013

Presentation Reviews

Topics were great... Information was fantastic!
Loved all the Q & A.
Great Training.
Fantastic Speaker & Motivator!

2013 NAHCHA Winter Conference
Lincoln, NE - 1/16/ 2013

Presentation Reviews 

Excellent Agenda - Arnie was a dynamic speaker.
Invaluable Information.
High Quality, high value presentation by an excellent speaker!
i learned so much from Arnie.

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2013 TAHC&H Winter Legislative Conference
Austin, TX - 1/24/2013

Presentation Reviews

Very dynamic... Arnie thinks outside the box!
He was fabulous, very informative and positive about the direction of homecare.
Excellent as always, keep him coming back!
I never get tired of hearing Arnie!

2012 CAHSAH Annual Conference
Pasadena, CA - 5/9/2012

Presentation Reviews

Awesome speaker. Arnie gives a clear road map and direction!
Practical approach for issues affecting us all.
Best presentation so far! Understanding for any level of knowledge.




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